5 Ways to Get Started with a Plant-Based Diet
  • Try a vegan meal once a week – It is always best to start small and take baby steps, one plant based meal at a time. We know that our TVP meals are delicious, but it can take a while for someone who is used to meat to just swap straight away, so start with one plant based meal a week and then when you feel ready, make it 2 meals a week and so on.
  • Have fruit for dessert – this is a great way to swap out the usual dairy desserts, by swapping it for a healthy and delicious bowl of fruit.
  • Have wholegrains for breakfast – Wholegrains are a great part of a plant based diet as they are full of fibre. Make sure to have wholegrains for breakfast to kick start your day. You can use dairy alternatives like almond or soy milk.
  • Meal plan and food prep – Doing this at least once a week will make life a lot easier. This saves money, prevents food waste and stops you from buying food that you shouldn’t be. Sitting down on a Sunday to meal plan and food prep helps you get ready for the week ahead. This is key to success.
  • Pick up new cook books – We know it can be daunting when you aren’t sure what recipes to create, I mean how much can you make with just a salad? Wrong, there are so many exciting and new recipes out there for you to make and try. When we are meal prepping, we check out cook books and online recipes to help us, copy or invent our own and then cook from home.
May 19, 2021